Backyard Design

As we turn our clocks forward, spring within reach, we turn our attention to the yard. Whether plotting the vegetable garden, updating patio furniture, or researching a new griddle for an outdoor kitchen, our ideas and dollars are pointing outside. And why not? When the mortgage is paid each month, that money is paying for every inch of the property.


Whether you want the ideal spot to drink a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise, or to show off your beautiful rose bushes to your fellow Zoom meeting team, a pergola is the perfect way to bring the indoors out. Outdoor living is more affordable than ever before. Media equipmentoutdoor kitchens, and furniture are available in a range of price points. Double the footprint of any party easily, by serving cocktails and appetizers on your covered patio. Watch your alma mater play its biggest rivalry game, while grilling burgers on a sunny October Saturday. Build a roaring fire in your outdoor fireplace for the kids, after they return from Christmas caroling in the neighborhood. Summer should not get all the memories under your pergola.

Water feature

Water Feature

Koi pond? Zen garden waterfall? A water feature is a great way to add depth to the yard. An area with a slope that might otherwise be ignored can become a visual oasis.

Vegetable Garden

Want to know where your food comes from? Grow it yourself! Whether you start with a few pots and some herbs or cherry tomatoes, or till the “back 40” to plant rows of salad greens and other fresh veggies, more time outside is good for the soul. From starts to seeds, western Oregon offers up the perfect summer garden conditions.

Sport Court

Many active families have multi-sport kids. Parks and school grounds are better equipped nowadays with grass and turf fields, in addition to basketball courts. Finding time to fit in between games and practices can be tough. With space and means, adding a sport court at home can be of huge value. Both in terms of resale, as well as getting the kids off their screens.

Flower Garden

Fresh flowers on the coffee table brightens up the house. Standing at the kitchen window, admiring the sun on your own flowers can make it that much better. Add a few perennials to your yard, or with the help of a landscape designer, add a full-fledged cutting garden with a charming stone path running through it.

Many of us are still working from home. Some have no idea if or when an office or regular pants might enter the equation again. All of us have a better understanding of our homes and their function after an unprecedented year. Make 2021 the year you get the most from your property.