Fall & Winter Outdoor Living

August has barely arrived, but the pumpkin spice crew is counting down the days to their favorite time of year. Those of us with season tickets to Beavers or Ducks football have tailgating visions in our heads and any baseball fan knows the best is yet to come. Somehow the dog days of summer help us look forward to cooler days and the onset of the holidays and winter weather.  Outdoor living spaces can be enjoyed year-round with a few upgrades and seasonal touches. A well-appointed covered deck or patio offers unmatched square footage and months of enjoyment to a home.


For cooler temps, a good heat source makes for a cozy space. Options abound. For those who love wood, portable fire pits are an affordable option. Creating a stone or paver fireplace adds gravitas to an outdoor space. Mushroom heaters are a great option for those who may want the flexibility of moving their heat according to the configuration of furniture. Bromic heaters can be integrated into your outdoor living space easily, affording consistent and convenient heat without the need for propane tanks or gas lines.

Comfortable Furniture

Sturdy outdoor furniture is an investment in your outdoor living. Having generous seating invites folks to gather for conversation. Spend a little extra to buy high-quality outdoor furniture that has everything you look for when buying indoor furniture. Adding pillows, blankets, and cushions will boost the fall/winter enjoyment. Whether you are gathered for a baseball playoff party, a family movie night, or a casual gathering, offering generous furniture with some elements for comfort keep the party outdoors. McKenzie Outdoor Living is the authorized dealer for TimberTech Outdoor Furniture.


Ambiance is key. From the glow of a fireplace, to twinkly string lights, to ambient strip lighting or recessed lighting, those early sunsets mean we need to think about lighting our outdoor living space. Rechargeable table lamps, candles, and other small touches can augment a seating or dining area.

Outdoor Dining

Your grill isn’t just for summer barbeques. The warm weather hangs around Oregon well into October. Why not keep ribs and tri-tip on the menu? Consider creating a more robust outdoor kitchen with stonework and a built-in grill. Add a pizza oven or a counter with a beverage fridge underneath.

Solar & Bug Screens

An outdoor living space in Oregon needs protection from the elements. From the sun beating into your windows or onto your deck every summer afternoon, to insect barrier, to protecting your furniture from the dust and pollen blown in by the wind, to the chill that comes in the evening or the colder months, your outdoor living space isn’t complete without protection from the elements. There are many options and price ranges for curtains and shades. The best protection and bang for your hard-earned buck comes from MagnaTrack motorized screens. Hands down, this is the best motorized screen on the market, giving homeowners the most outdoor living flexibility. See some of our projects HERE.


If your deck or patio doesn’t already have cover, McKenzie Outdoor Living can infinitely improve your outdoor living experience by adding shelter to your space. If your home has a covered area that doesn’t quite meet all your outdoor living needs, we can extend it, just like we did HERE. The Pergola X from StruXure is the perfect cover, in our opinion. Living in a decidedly four-season part of the country, we need protection from the heat of the sun, the chill of wind, and the cold & rain of winter. However, a traditional stick-built cover immediately cuts the light coming into your home’s windows, most often in your common living areas like the kitchen and living room. In the Pacific Northwest, we cannot afford to lose light during the winter months. And on those rare sunny February days, all we want is to let it shine! Adding a StruXure louvered pergola solves all these issues. The louvers open with the touch of a button. Using the remote, open them just a touch, or the full 170 degrees. The weather sensor on top will close the louvers automatically if it starts to rain. The system is watertight when the louvers are closed, utilizing StruXure’s patented internal gutter system to manage the rain. Sun when you want it, shade when you need it. Screen it all in with MagnaTrack motorized screens, and you have a robust outdoor living space.

Upgrade your fall outdoor living experience

Even in Oregon, there is no reason any outdoor living space shouldn’t be enjoyed into early winter.

All of the fall outdoor living ideas covered here aren’t just practical in the autumn – they provide the same comfort benefits for the chilly spring days when you’re itching to get outdoors after another long winter. 

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