Take your outdoor living space to the next level with the wold’s best performing exterior motorized screens. The Magnatrack screen enhances, extends and protect your outdoor space, letting you enjoy it year round! This system is a unique self-tensioning design that utilizes opposing polarity and dual magnetic pull from rare earth neodymium magnets. They’re interlocked throughout the screen track and housing, for a constant secure hold. With multiple thickness and color options, the sky is the limit for customization. Plus you can control your screens with your smartphone, remote or home automation system. Autonomous wind and rain sensors provide 24/7 all-weather protection too!

More Than A SCREEN

MagnaTrack screens offer protection, performance, and durability. Solar and vinyl screens make your outdoor space accessible year round with temperature control and energy savings. Protect against harmful UV rays and insects. Block frustrating wind and dust. All so you can enjoy your outdoor living space hot or cold, rain or shine. Plus, use your screen as a movie projector! Perfect for movie night outdoors with friends and family!


MagnaTrack Technology

The patented MagnaTack system outperforms all other products on the market in every way. It uses specially designed magnets within the track to maintain constant tension while opening and closing to ensure smooth, trouble-free operation long into the future. In fact, this innovative motorized patio screen system eliminates 98% of all problems that require service calls. Custom make your screen to match your home’s style and architecture.

MagnaTrack Benefits

  • Custom screen sizes up to 30 ft
  • Built in Obstacle Detection
  • Set up to 10 schedules
  • Custom Screen Sizes
  • Easy Installation
  • App Control
  • No Jams
  • No Snags
  • No Hang-ups
  • No Re-wraps

$500 OFF!

Through the month of August we are offering $500 off MagnaTrack motorized screens! Call or email today to find out more.

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